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Leak detector Inframate C

Leak detector Inframate C

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Elitech Inframate C CO2 carbon dioxide leak detector, R744 refrigeration leak tester, R-744 gas detector for HVACR.

  •  Carbon dioxide detection: the CO2-specific infrared sensor is designed specifically for leak detection of R744 refrigerant (CO2).
  • Long sensor life: an infrared sensor can operate up to 40,000 hours and its sensitivity does not degrade over time.
  • Large TFT LCD screen: vividly displays leakage value, peak value, sensitivity level, battery charge for very easy operation.
  • Adjustable sensitivity: with the maximum sensitivity of 6 g/year and easy adjustment to medium (14/year) and low (28 g/year) sensitivity levels, the detector can help you quickly detect leaks under various complex working conditions.
  • Rechargeable lithium battery: operates for up to 11 consecutive hours on a full charge.


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