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Electronic Thermostat EK3020

Electronic Thermostat EK3020

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Elitech EK3020 temperature controller.
Refrigeration, defrost and fan control output.

Elitech EK-3020 is a temperature controller with touch screen buttons. It is suitable for cooling and defrost temperature control. With temperature measurement function, temperature display, temperature control, temperature correction, forced defrost, temperature overrun alarm and sensor failure alarm.

One-touch reset of original setting values for easy parameter adjustment. It has defrost cycle shutdown memory function: even if the equipment is turned off unexpectedly, defrosting can be started in time to ensure normal operation and cooling efficiency of the unit. Because of its touch buttons, Elitech has equipped the EK series with a key lock function to prevent accidental touches that could cause parameters to change.

The touch button adopts high-precision digital capacity measurement technology, which can avoid various interferences such as water drops; compared with mechanical buttons, it has no mechanical action, long service life and stable performance.

Elitech EK-3020 temperature controller is suitable for temperature control of medium and low temperature cold rooms, freezers, operating consoles and other refrigeration equipment. Unidirectional sensor input: temperature probe. Bidirectional control output:

  • Operating voltage 220VAC±10%; 50/60Hz
  • Total power consumption <5W
  • Temperature measurement range -40℃~85℃
  • Temperature control range -40℃~99℃
  • Temperature measurement accuracy ±1℃ (-30℃~50℃), others ±2℃
  • Display resolution 1℃/0.1℃
  • Product dimensions 85.0×35.0×63.8 (mm)
  • Mounting dimensions 71×29 (mm)
  • Output relay current rating 10A/220VAC

Elitech EK-3020 FEATURES

  • More stable and reliable
    Passes EMC test, industrial level four test, front panel protection level reaches IP65.
  • Touch keys, good user experience
    High-precision capacitive touch keys for greater reliability
  • Waterproof and dustproof
    One-piece front panel design for enhanced protection from moisture and dust
  • Clearer, easy-to-use display
    High-brightness digital tube display for larger viewing area
  • Easy to use, no menus
    One-click to directly complete general settings, no need to enter the menu
  • Alarm output with buzzer, more reliable
    Sensor failure alarm and over-temperature alarm
  • Easy operation, power-off memory
    With the defrost cycle shutdown memory function, even if the equipment is turned off unexpectedly, defrosting can be started in time to ensure normal operation and cooling efficiency of the unit.
  • Multiple, more stable and energy-saving defrosting modes
    Two output defrost modes: defrost with electric heating and hot gas defrost. In addition, with the stop defrost function.

Elitech EK-3020 Application

  • Cold storage
  • Freezer
  • Operating console
  • Refrigeration equipment


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