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LMC-300 A refrigerant scale

LMC-300 A refrigerant scale

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Elitech LMC-300A HVAC refrigerant charge scale with 330 lb. solenoid

The Elitech LMC-300A HVAC refrigerant scale with charge valve is designed to weigh refrigerants up to 330 pounds (150 kg) with a resolution of 0.2 ounces. The refrigerant scale features units in pounds, ounces and kilograms, compatibility with most 9 "x9" tanks and 12-button operation with on/off, zero, lamp, charge, recovery and more.



  • Three display modes: kg, lbs and oz
  • Digital charge scale
  • Capacity up to 330 pounds (150 kilograms)
  • Equipped with charging valve


It has the ruggedness needed for HVACR, with thick aluminum walls to maintain accuracy and rubber feet and pads to soften the impact of daily use. In addition, it can be used with all refrigerants. Charge valve included: allows the user to control the exact amount of refrigerant being transferred to and from the air conditioning system and provides alarms and pauses when it reaches programmed values. The refrigerant scale has a compact design and is fully portable with great accuracy.


Specifications of the LMC-300 A scale

  • Maximum capacity: 150 kg
  • Resolution: 5g
  • Accuracy: ±0.05%rdg+25g
  • kg, lb and oz units
  • Power supply: 5 AAA batteries
  • Battery life: 35 hours
  • Operating temperature: -10℃~40℃
  • Storage temperature: -15℃ ~50℃
  • Temperature fluctuation range: 5℃/h
  • Relative humidity: 50-85% RH
  • Dimensions: 271*271*74mm


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