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Potenza in KW: 18,5

Spostamento 50/60hz: 100

Alimentazione: 400V/3/50Hz- 440V/3/60Hz PW

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RW5-L025 - Semi-hermetic screw compressors for refrigeration with standard refrigerants

The patented compressor with variable Vi control that provides very high energy efficiencies under all conditions.
Available with displaced volume from 85 to 850 m3/h and motor powers ranging from 20 to 250 HP.
Designed for operation at medium/low temperatures. A unique semi-hermetic package developed for refrigeration.

  • The new technological benchmark with patented solutions
  • Born from the inventor of screw compressor technology
  • Patented variable Vi ratio control
  • Extremely compact, with reversible connections
  • High-efficiency motor, also with permanent magnets
  • CFD-optimized internal flow design
  • Optimized seasonal efficiency, compatible with VFD
  • Wide applicability with numerous refrigerants
  • Each compressor is tested for quality and performance
  • A complete product, configurable for every need.




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