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HGX44e/665-4 S

HGX44e/665-4 S

Potenza in KW: 15

Spostamento 50/60hz: 57,70 / 69,20 m³/h

Alimentazione: 380-420V Y/YY -3- 50Hz PW

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BOCK piston compressor HGX44e/665-4 S

Semi-hermetic 4-cylinder gas-cooled reciprocating compressor in suction, compact design.
Best possible maintainability is ensured by, among other things, a replaceable drive unit. The compressor is distinguished by exceptional operating comfort and efficient operating performance.
The suction shut-off valve can be rotated 90° in any case.
Reliable lubrication of the mechanism is ensured by a direction-independent oil pump and a large-volume oil sump.
Optional heating of the oil pan is via an immersion sleeve and can thus be replaced without intervening in the refrigeration cycle.
An additional connection for an oil level regulator is available as standard.
Electrical connection is simplified by a large-volume electrical terminal block.
INT69 G electronic motor protection uses PTC sensors in series to monitor winding temperature and, if desired, exhaust gas temperature.

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