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Potenza in KW: 2.2

Spostamento 50/60hz: 13,70 / 16,40 m³/h

Alimentazione: 220-240V Δ / 380-420V Y -3- 50Hz

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BOCK piston compressor HGX22e/160-4

Gas-cooled semi-hermetic suction reciprocating compressor with a compact design. Best possible maintainability is ensured by, among other things, a replaceable drive motor. The compressor is characterized by exceptional operating comfort and efficient operating performance. The suction shut-off valve can be rotated 90° in any case. Reliable lubrication of the mechanism is ensured by a direction-independent oil pump and a large-volume oil pan. An electronic motor protection uses PTC sensors in series to monitor winding temperature and, if desired, exhaust gas temperature.

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