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Potenza in KW: 60

Spostamento 50/60hz: 307

Alimentazione: 400V/3/50Hz- 440V/3/60Hz PW

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ES3-L080 - Semi-hermetic compact screw compressors for refrigerant R134a and R1234

Proposed with displaced volume from 270 to 1100 m3/h and motor powers ranging from 70 to 300 HP, optimized for high energy efficiencies using refrigerant R134a and R1234.

Used in medium and high evaporative temperature applications, including liquid chillers, heat pumps, and process cooling.

  • Born from the inventors of screw compressor technology.
  • Optimized for high efficiency with R134a and R1234.
  • Compact design with integrated oil separator.
  • Each compressor is tested for quality and performance.
  • Optimized operation in air and water configurations.
  • Capacity control and configurable Vi ratios.
  • Compatible with frequency regulation.
  • Advanced motor protection devices.
  • Real-time motor and system status monitoring.
  • A complete product that can be configured for every need



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